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Vantage Program
Our Vantage Program specialists pride themselves on providing competitive advantages to our elite integrators through dealer certification and software support agreements. These programs are highly regarded by prospective and existing customers as an endorsement of trust by Tyco Security Products
Personalized Service to Improve Efficiencies and Profitability

  • Gaining the Competitive Edge
    Vantage programs include Dealer Certification and Software Support Agreements, which allow integrators to market themselves as members of the elite Software House network of professionals.

    Dealer Certification is awarded to integrators who successfully complete intensive factory and IT training, in addition to high quality system design and support for evaluation. Our integrators combine a proven performance record with staying on top of the latest innovations in security to provide the best service available.

    Mission-critical Software Support Agreements provide best-in-class coverage and response. SSAs ensure customers' software is always current and technical support is a phone call away, providing customers with the highest confidence in Software House systems.
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