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Discovery Program
Our Discovery Program specialists are 100% dedicated to working directly with consultants, architects and engineers to help structure strong specifications that win bids. They possess considerable product knowledge that ensures a well-articulated response to proposals. In addition, our staff of in-house engineers is committed to supporting A&Es with product drawings and technical data.
Personalized Service to Improve Efficiencies and Profitability

  • Thoughtful Questions. Enlightened Responses
    Working with clients to understand their security needs. Sounds simple enough, right? But, when those requirements involve complex network infrastructures, elaborate compliance mandates, and numerous involved parties…it's anything but simple. Our Discovery program specialists will help you uncover all of the intricate details you need to decipher in order to provide a well-thought-out proposal.
  • Customer Demos and Presentations:
    Via webinar, conference call or in person, we will host or participate in your customer meetings to ensure we understand any unique challenges from the very beginning of a project.
  • Partner Collaboration
    Most systems today involve a variety of integrated applications. Our program specialists will work with you and other partners to develop a comprehensive, integrated proposal.
  • CAD Drawings
    In addition to providing a library of technology drawings, our specialists work with you to create unique drawings for each customer.
  • Specifications
    Whether it's 10, 75, or 200 pages, our team of knowledgeable Discovery program professionals will work to answer every question.
Available Collateral:

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